Tapping Into Wealth Course - for Entrepreneurs & Changemakers

Realize Your Inherent Worthiness to Be Wealthy, and Break Free From the Old 'family Money Paradigm' and Other Trauma to Begin Attracting Your Financial Abundance

Who Am I?

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, where I grew up and completed a B.Accounting degree at Stellenbosch University. To be honest, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue, and after 5 years of almost no job satisfaction, I emigrated to Taiwan in 2006 to happily teach English for just over a year. However, in 2007 I was lured back into the corporate world and a lucrative wealth management career in Shanghai. After making little progress, I ended up in Hong Kong with no clear direction or motivation in life, until I finally quit and left the corporate in 2014. This final surrender and letting go of a painful past and false ‘sense-of-self’, taught and allowed me to discover my passion for Energy Healing. It inspired me to pursue a coaching career and show other entrepreneurs how to also energetically remove their own money blocks.

Gus Southey recently co-authored the book, Transforming your life (Volume 2) which topped the Amazon Bestseller list in 12 countries.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Somebody who’s passionate about their work and loves working freely for themselves. Anyone who wants to make a meaningful impact in this world by pursuing their true-life purpose and is willing to let go of all previous beliefs and suffering regarding money. Surrender is a pre-requisite for manifesting a joyful and prosperous life you were always destined to live.


Who It Is Not For?

Someone who’s main goal or focus in life is to create wealth, because money will never buy you happiness. This also includes anybody who is unwilling to try an alternative or holistic technique to shift their inner money paradigm and energetically remove any associated blockages.

Module one

My Money Map


A shift from negative feelings/thoughts about money, to a big YES to money and earning more.


Clarify why you don’t have more money. Break free the from old mind-patterns and awful feelings.
Module Two

Earliest Money Family Paradigm


Acknowledgment & Acceptance of inner resistance/pain surrounding money.


Discover the root cause of all money-related trauma. Clearing all that subconscious and emotional baggage accumulated since childhood.
Module three

Financial Trauma


Identify and clarify the exact type of past trauma experienced, and see the importance of being compassionate towards, and honoring yourself.


Re-wire your nervous system so that ‘trauma’ is no longer trauma, but an awareness to empower you to take action for your money attraction.
Module Four

Setting Outrageous Goals


Shifting the ‘It’s Impossible’ mindset to becoming open to limitless possibilities.


Break free and shift from ‘Impossible’ to ‘Possible’. Discover where you really want to go, and GO BIG.
Module five

Goal Trauma


Letting go of the ruthless inner critic to trigger compassion for yourself within.


Step up in your energy, passion and money management. Step up with your brilliance!
Module Six

Worthiness & Deserving


Recognition of their own worthiness and feeling totally deserving of earning a lot of money.


Discover and realize your inherent worthiness to be abundantly wealthy.
Module seven

Retraining the Brain to Celebrate Progress


Confidently start taking more action by learning the art of being a great receiver.


Time to take accountability – feel the enthusiasm in your life and the motivation to think big, which leads to big action.
Module eight

Backlash and Hidden Agendas


3 types of potential backlashes include: Anxiety, Self-loathing/Shame, Anger. These common ‘pain-bodies’ are overcome by re-assuring this is all illusory. Any other hidden agendas are also no longer hidden due to self-validation.


Clear all 3 potential backlashes of Anxiety, Self-loathing/Shame and Anger. Letting go of all past pain attached to your fictitious self is the final step to reach total financial freedom.

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