The Discovery

The following video ( is about Gobekli Tepe, one the world’s most mysterious archeological finds and oldest temples discovered in southeastern Turkey which is thousands of years older than Stone Henge and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. It was constructed according to a unique geometric plan forming an equilateral triangle. This is truly miraculous and inspires one to delve deeper to uncover the secrets of this mystery. Recently, three keys have been revealed to unlock these secrets. The first key is on a cellular level and correlates the T-shaped pillars’ structures with our bodily T-cells, the white blood cells regulating our immune systems. The second key is on an atomic level and displays how the near-perfect triangular layout of these structures represent the 3 atoms forming water (H2O), the source of all life. The third key uncovers how the T-shaped pillars also embody the form of human figures.

The Revelation

It is evident how each key serves as a timely reminder of our undeniable human role to help restore our beautiful and bountiful blue planet. Thanks to the discovery of Gobekli Tepe and the more recently uncovered clues, an ancient ancestral Revelation has been unearthed. There is a fascinating connection between these ancient times when compared to the present, and where we need to focus for the future. Essentially, the mystical site has provided 3 keys to access and spark our deep inner desire to ignite a vital global recovery. Evolving is an inspiring channel for anyone seeking to create positive change in their own lives, support the lives of others, and consequentially take an important step towards a more joyful and peaceful world.