Anxiety Program

This is a unique rehabilitative course offered by me together with Frederik Ribersson, an experienced Cosmo-energy Practitioner.

Our combined techniques of Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Cosmo-energy are complementary and yield an unparalleled healing synergy. We’re currently helping an increasing number of people by significantly lowering their anxiety levels during these challenging times.

Courses Offered :


1 Session (90 minutes) – Tapping only


1 Session (90 minutes) – Combined Tapping & Cosmo-energy.


Package of 5 Sessions (90 minutes each) – Combined Tapping & Cosmo-energy

“Thanks to the combined session with Gus and Frederik, my Stress level decreased from 9/10 to an unbelievable 3/10 in 90 minutes”

Mariette Kukard, Hong Kong

If you’re not sure which Course is suitable for you, please call us free of charge for more details. We can also assess your situation to see if we can help.

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